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Planning your kitchen


You probably have some ideas about what you want from your new kitchen. See below for some further advice.


I can visit your home to see your existing kitchen, discuss your requirements and take some measurements.


I'll then work out a design to suit your space and budget, and provide you with the following:

-  A FREE detailed plan with simulated room and design views to demonstrate what your kitchen will

   look like.

-  A detailed NO OBLIGATION, FIXED PRICE quotation for this design, with details of deposit and

   balance terms.




Kitchen planning ideas and advice


Some things it's useful to think about in advance...


1.  How much you have to spend is obviously a major factor in deciding what kind of kitchen you can go for.  It's really helpful if you can work out what your budget is before we meet. The main factors to affect the cost are the choice of door fronts and appliances.

2. Think about the basic layout. Often, replicating the existing plan is the only realistic possibility, but sometimes another layout might be better. IKEA have lots of great ideas in their kitchen brochures, which you can pick up in-store o
r download from their website. Consider in advance which units and appliances you'd like where (and anything you don't like about your current set-up). This will help me design the kitchen which best suits your needs. Often, sketching out a plan with a pen and paper, or maybe a pencil(!), is the best starting point. Or try using some of the design tools on the Ikea website. Note that drainage from the sink, is often the main restiction on a layout.


3. Think too about which finishes appeal to you. Does high gloss do it for you, or would you prefer something more traditional?  Have a look at the IKEA range of worktops, cabinet doors, handles. There are lots to choose from. Often, combining different door fronts in the same kitchen can make the design really special. Think about using glass doors on wall mounted units, some open shelving, or horizontal wall units, for a more imaginative design. If you can, visit the IKEA kitchen showroom and see what finishes look good to you. 


4. Take a note of any details or extras that particularly appeal, such as lighting, internal fittings and pull-out features. Note the huge choice of drawer sizes, and decide which drawer combinations are best for you.

5. Think about using integrated appliances wherever possible, for a better completed look.  It's sometimes possible to use some appliances from other suppliers or, if you want,
 to re-use some of your existing appliances. 

6. Think of your room as a whole. Your kitchen units should complement wall colours, any tiled areas, and your choice of flooring.


7. If you've already come up with your own design using IKEA's online kitchen planning tool, or had a design prepared for you by Ikea, then I can base a quote for installation on this.



Your kitchen design is done!


Once you're happy with the design and quote and have decided you wish to go ahead, the kitchen can be ordered from IKEA and a delivery and installation date scheduled.


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